SNAP, HEAP, SSI, or Public Assistance enrollment automatically provides proof of eligible income.
Buffalo Water

Eligible Buffalo residents can receive a discount on their water bill between $60 and $90 a year.

Buffalo Water

An official Affordable Water Program assistance tool


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Contact Buffalo Water

Apply in 10 minutes

Eligibility is determined by income and household size.

Verify documents

You'll need documents to verify your income and residency.

Get discount on water

If you’re approved, you’ll receive a discount on your next water bill.

What if I need additional help?

You may qualify for additional Pathways to Affordable Water. These include

  • Low Income Senior Citizen Discount (must be 65 years of age)
  • Monthly Payment Plans
  • Extended Repayment Periods
  • Interest Charge Suspension
  • Monthly Billing Option
  • Leak Abatement Program

Can I apply as a renter?

Yes! Though it may depend on who pays the water bill.

If you pay your own water bill, you may apply normally. If you do not pay your own water bill or if water is included in your rent, you might still be eligible for water assistance.

It is possible for your landlord to receive the water discount on your behalf. However, this is not legal advice and we highly recommend reviewing the Tenant's Rights Guide prepared by the office of the New York State Attorney General.