Buffalo Water Lead Program

Service Line Inventory Map

Program Overview

We are committed to providing safe drinking water to all residents. Our dashboard provides information about lead service lines.

Click here to see the Service Line Inventory Map and information regarding the service line on your property.


Non-lead - The service line is determined not to be lead or GRR through an evidence-based record, method, or technique.

Lead - A portion of the pipe that is made of lead, which connects the water main to the building inlet.

Galvanized Requiring Replacement (GRR) - A galvanized service line that is or ever was downstream of an LSL or is currently downstream of an unknown service line.

Unknown - The service line material is not known to be a lead, GRR, or non-lead, such as where there is no documented evidence supporting material classification.

*Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency, "Fact Sheet for Developing and Maintaining a Service Line Inventory"

What do I do if I see my property has been identified as “Lead”?

1. You can request to have your water sampled by Buffalo Water by calling 311. This is a good way to check for lead in your water.

2. You can volunteer to participate in Buffalo Water’s compliance sampling pool so they will test your water quality on an ongoing basis along with other residents across the City. Volunteer by calling 311.